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Best Charming is

Annette et Dominique, dedicated and experienced B&B owners, travelled the length and breadth of France in search of unique guest houses offering more than just a room and breakfast.

They visited each and every house and selected for their new website those that ” ticked the boxes “ – a nice setting, stylish interiors, a story to tell and hosts with that extra something. For Annette et Dominique it was important to meet the owners, get a feel for their home and see things from a guest’s point of view. 

Their choice of B&B’s reflects their own values   : honesty, harmony and happiness .

Come inside and see for yourself – from the comfort of your own home ( for the moment) travel the country like Annette et Dominique and visit your future hosts’ homes just waiting to be discovered

"They did not know it was impossible, so they did it" Mark Twain

Dominique is a builder – he loves old stones.  His endless curiosity and open mindedness no doubt come from his engineering background . He is imaginative and passionate about architecture  and therefore has a special sensitivity for the environment.

Annette loves to make people happy . She’s a listener, she’s thoughtful and is particularly sensitive about harmony and light – She’s a subtle mix of simplicity and elegance

Annette et Dominique together form a perfectly-balanced partnership , complementary in their enthusiasm for new projects and challenges, exchanges and interaction.
BCBB is the perfect illustration of all this  - a quest for values and direction combining kindness and  humanity.
Through their excellent website they offer a real service to internet users – a quick and easy  access to a  fine selection of quality B&Bs .

Our latest discoveries

Guesthouse La Cour des Sens

La Cour des Sens
84800, Lagnes 255 route de Fontaine de Vaucluse 84800 Lagnes 43.92579749999999,5.0660460000000285
From 160 € / night

Guesthouse Le Château du Bec

Le Château du Bec
76133, Saint Martin du Bec 4 route du château, 76133 Saint Martin du Bec 49.5978382,0.20686769999997523
From 140 € / night

Guesthouse Les Rochers

Les Rochers
50680, Cerisy la Forêt Lieu dit LesRochers, 50680 Cerisy la Forêt 49.18303864410904,-0.9434470449218679
From 100 € / night

Guesthouse La Ferme des Impressionnistes

La Ferme des Impressionnistes
27620, Gasny 18 Rue de l’industrie, 27620 Gasny 49.0897117,1.602430400000003
From 110 € / night

Guesthouse Suites de la Tour

Suites de la Tour
73460, Montailleur 400 Impasse de Pacoret, 73460 Montailleur 45.606229,6.26884240000004
From 210 € / night

Guesthouse Le Château des Allues

Le Château des Allues
73250, Saint-Pierre-d'Albigny 335 rue audibert, 73250 Saint-Pierre-d'Albigny 45.569489,6.154182999999989
From € / night