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Guesthouse Château de Béhen

Château de Béhen
80870, Béhen 8 rue du Château, 80870 Béhen 50.055583,1.7553699999999708
From 119 € / night

While you stay in one exceptional guest houses selected by Annette and Dominique in the North of France, you will understand that your trip will not only geographical, but you will also discover the joys of gastronomy and terroir of the Somme.

The gastronomy of the Somme Bay let obviously a great place to seafood, such as mussels, fish, salicornia, shellfish, and of course, the famous shrimps caught by sauterelliers. As for meat, the real star of the fields of the Somme Bay is none other than the salt meadow lamb, whose flavor and flux are assessed without flinching.

Your stay in guest room will also allow you to discover and enjoy other flagship products, such as bigalan, one block from potatoes in the form of pie where layers of potatoes (of course) and of meat are superposed.