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Guesthouse Les Instants Volés

Les Instants Volés
19120, Tudeils le Varrat, 19120 Tudeils 45.046193664516885,1.7714736666870294
From 120 € / night

Guesthouse La Bella Vista

La Bella Vista
19600, Lissac sur Couze le Peusch, 19600 Lissac sur Couze 45.100731493944224,1.465803559158303
From 120 € / night

Guesthouse Le Manoir du Chapelier

Le Manoir du Chapelier
19600, Noailles Le Chapelier, 19600 Noailles 45.10291367026728,1.519607898239201
From 125 € / night

Guesthouse Château de Lissac

Château de Lissac
19600, Lissac-sur-Couze Château de Lissac,Le Bourg, 19600 Lissac-sur-Couze 45.102589917330796,1.4609478526610928
From 148 € / night

Guesthouse Domaine de la Jarrige

Domaine de la Jarrige
23320, Saint Vaury La Jarrige, 23320 Saint Vaury 46.19588244133535,1.751843711639367
From 90 € / night

Guesthouse Chez Château Constant

Chez Château Constant
87250, Bessines sur Gartempe Avenue du 11 Novembre 1918, 87250 Bessines sur Gartempe 46.1125538798273,1.3709781267364178
From 79 € / night

The guest houses Limousin

The Limousin, located in the Massif Central, is divided into three departments: Corrèze, Creuse and Haute-Vienne. If it is not considered as being the most tourist region of France, it never ceases to change attitudes by putting his foot forward: many green areas, hiking, outdoor sports ... But the region also has an important cultural, historical and artistic. There are many resources and activities to discover in the Limousin, and our guest houses are the perfect witness.

In Corrèze, go to Lissac-sur-Couze to enjoy the Bella Vista: disorientation and delight are guaranteed! This contemporary villa is located only 10 kilometers from Brive-la-Gaillarde. Its main asset is undoubtedly its infinity pool and wide range of teak, fully integrated with the surrounding landscape: what to spend unforgettable moments.

A little further, in the Creuse, the Domaine de la Jarrige is a XVIIth century comprising several buildings and outbuildings, 10 kilometers from Saint Gueret and 25 kilometers from the Underground. Its bucolic charm, floral park, his donkeys and ponies inspire calm and serenity and give this place a special charm. In addition, many hiking trails and mountain biking are nearby.

Feel free to browse the section and discover all our other Limousin guesthouses.


A little tourism ...

Through the Limousin, feel free to enjoy its historical and cultural heritage. The Château de Bonneval, which overlooks the town from the village of Coussac, has an eastern facade with a central square tower and four large round towers surrounded by moats.

It is also possible to go dream a little side waterfalls of Augerolles, the heart of the Millevaches Regional Natural Park of 50 hectares. A discovery trail allows you to discover the stone cutting workshop, the restored mill, and of course, the famous waterfalls.