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Bed and Breakfast in the Rhône-Alpes region, France

A bit of tourism ...

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Guest Houses in :

Bed and Breakfast in the Rhône-Alpes region, France Photo

Guesthouse Domaine  la Javernière

Domaine la Javernière
69910, Villié-Morgon Javernières, 69910 Villié-Morgon 46.146883,4.687807300000031
From 84 € / night

Guesthouse Château de Bellevue

Château de Bellevue
69910, Villié-Morgon Château de Bellevue, 69910 Villié-Morgon 46.1664249,4.656444999999962
From 99 € / night

Guesthouse Château de Tanay

Château de Tanay
01600, Saint Didier de Formans Chemin de Tanay, 01600 Saint Didier de Formans 45.95592469371557,4.7734695492126775
From 85 € / night

Guesthouse Les Hautes Bruyères

Les Hautes Bruyères
69130, Lyon Ecully 5, chemin des Hautes Bruyères, 69130 Lyon Ecully 45.7756492,4.764420900000005
From 125 € / night

Guesthouse Les Dépendances

Les Dépendances
69580, Saint Germain au Mont d'or 16, rue de l'Eglise, 69580 Saint Germain au Mont d'or 45.8803669,4.80538219999994
From 95 € / night

Guesthouse Dormir Autrement

Dormir Autrement
69003, Lyon 28 bis rue Camille, 69003 Lyon 45.7519971,4.890318100000059
From 135 € / night

Guesthouse Aux Forêts

Aux Forêts
42190, Saint Nizier sous Charlieu 996 Route de Fleury,42190 Saint Nizier sous Charlieu 46.163254681827844,4.117421255761656
From 85 € / night

Guesthouse Château de Rochessauve

Château de Rochessauve
27210, Rochessauve Château de Rochessauve, 27210 Rochessauve 44.68995300622082,4.617542780365056
From 120 € / night

Guesthouse Château Clément

Château Clément
07600, Vals les Bains La Chataigneraie, 07600 Vals les Bains 44.65542579925871,4.371763851867627
From 180 € / night

Guesthouse Le Mas d'Alzon

Le Mas d'Alzon
07150, Vagnas La Mas d'Alzon, 07150 Vagnas 44.350829700478656,4.3582513914794845
From 98 € / night

Guesthouse Le Mas de la Madeleine

Le Mas de la Madeleine
07110, Largentière Chemin de la Madelaine, 07110 Largentière 44.5417839251437,4.288994623278768
From 95 € / night

Guesthouse Le Mas de la Cigale

Le Mas de la Cigale
07260, Vernon La Croix, 07260 Vernon 44.5048332,4.223367899999971
From 98 € / night

Guesthouse Une Nuit au Second

Une Nuit au Second
69002, Lyon 11, rue Jarente, 69002 Lyon 45.754344554022225,4.827874313491861
From 130 € / night

Guesthouse Villa Hugon

Villa Hugon
, 44.45689474015209,4.33473129999993
From € / night

Guesthouse Les Domaines de Patras

Les Domaines de Patras
26130, Solérieux 2300 route de Saint Paul, 26130 Solérieux 44.34512212622121,4.819666376538066
From 130 € / night

Guesthouse La Grande Maison

La Grande Maison
26120, Montmeyran Les Granges, 26120 Montmeyran 44.83616033578265,4.979818341247551
From 115 € / night

Guesthouse La Bastide du Pré de l'Aube

La Bastide du Pré de l'Aube
26230, Montjoyer Hameau le Fraysse, 26230 Montjoyer 44.46782745248351,4.877528098950165
From 155 € / night

Guesthouse La Bergerie de Féline

La Bergerie de Féline
26460, Truinas Les Charles, 26460 Truinas 44.572556,5.080928999999969
From 130 € / night

Guesthouse Le Hameau de la Mûre

Le Hameau de la Mûre
07800, Saint-Laurent-du-Pape Le Hameau de la Mûre, 07800 Saint-Laurent-du-Pape 44.868149790819366,4.70217155344244
From 90 € / night

Guesthouse Le Mas de la Blanche

Le Mas de la Blanche
07150, Bessas La Blanche, 07150 Bessas 44.342622883821214,4.30133643068848
From 120 € / night

Guesthouse La Source Dorée

La Source Dorée
69210, Saint Pierre La Palud 53 chemin du Chalet, 69210 Saint Pierre La Palud 45.796492091368755,4.599530789935329
From 89 € / night

Guesthouse Domaine de Blacons

Domaine de Blacons
26400, Mirabel et Blacons 1275 Avenue des Trois Becs, 26400, Mirabel et Blacons 44.71021926283907,5.090715187615956
From 95€ € / night

Guesthouse Château du Besset

Château du Besset
07130, Saint Romain de Lerps 07130 Saint Romain de Lerps 44.978007,4.79970000000003
From 175 € / night

Guesthouse Le Château des Allues

Le Château des Allues
73250, Saint-Pierre-d'Albigny 335 rue audibert, 73250 Saint-Pierre-d'Albigny 45.569489,6.154182999999989
From € / night

Guesthouse Suites de la Tour

Suites de la Tour
73460, Montailleur 400 Impasse de Pacoret, 73460 Montailleur 45.606229,6.26884240000004
From 210 € / night

The guest houses in Rhône-Alpes

The Rhône-Alpes region is composed of no less than eight departments that are Ain, Ardèche, Drôme, Isère, Loire, Rhone, Savoie and Haute-Savoie. Its tourist attractions are many and include natural, Mont Blanc to Lake Geneva via the Ardèche Gorges. So many wonders to discover during your stay, which can only be made more pleasant than enjoying guesthouses selected by BestCharmingBnb.

In the Rhône department, in the heart of Lyon, is a former mechanical workshop became a loft renovated into guest house that could make you happy. Brightness, decidedly vintage design and the tranquility of the place make it the perfect place to discover a city of a thousand surprises. Located in the 7th district, near the Part-Dieu, the Vintage Loft promises a protected privacy and a high level of comfort.

Change of scenery in the Ardeche, Saint-Laurent-du-Pape. The guest house Le Hameau de la Mure is actually a set of four houses from the sixteenth century, surrounded by a 80 hectare park. The place offers a quiet and a dream setting. With rooms at once authentic and comfortable, and above all, its infinity pool, heated, and its breathtaking view of the Rhone Valley ... It will be difficult not to succumb.

Feel free to browse the section and discover all our other guest houses in Rhône-Alpes.


A bit of tourism ...

You will understand, tourist sites in the Rhône-Alpes region are plentiful, and are likely to satisfy all tastes. For example, discover the rack railway that takes you to the foot of the Mer de Glace, the largest glacier in France, with its 7 km long and its 40 square kilometers in area.

Also visit the World Puppet Museum in Lyon, the Palace of sweets and nougat in Montelimar or the crocodile farm in Pierrelatte.