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Our selection of exceptional Bed and Breakfasts close to the Loire Valley


Vallée de la Loire Photo

Guesthouse Le Plessis

Le Plessis
41000, Blois 195 Rue albert 1er, 41000 Blois 47.571808,1.303623000000016
From 120 € / night

Guesthouse Le Clos

Le Clos
41500, Mer 9 rue Jean et Guy Dutens, 41500 Mer 47.705779,1.5001770000000079
From 68 € / night

Guesthouse Le château de Champvallins

Le château de Champvallins
45640, Sandillon 1079 rue de Champvallin, 45640 Sandillon 47.84373919999999,2.001404399999956
From 140 € / night

Guesthouse Château La Touanne

Château La Touanne
45130, Baccon 45130 Baccon 47.87146365403765,1.6525934922485703
From 120 € / night

Guesthouse Le Clos des 3 Rois

Le Clos des 3 Rois
49380, Thouarcé 13 rue du Bellay, 49380 Thouarcé 47.267260242977855,-0.5029676428528091
From 82 € / night

Guesthouse Manoir du Bois de Grez

Manoir du Bois de Grez
49220, Grez-Neuville Route de Sceaux d'Anjou, 49220 Grez-Neuville 47.600389,-0.6752060000000029
From 85 € / night

Guesthouse Domaine des Bidaudières

Domaine des Bidaudières
37210, Vouvray Rue du Peu Morier, 37210 Vouvray 47.41354910643048,0.8330652912597998
From 116 € / night

Guesthouse La Maison Jules

La Maison Jules
37000, Tours 45 Rue Jules Simon, 37000 Tours 47.3918781,0.6950352000000066
From 125 € / night

Guesthouse Château du Grand Bouchet

Château du Grand Bouchet
37510, Ballan-Miré Château du Grand Bouchet, Chemin du Grand Bouchet, Ballan-Miré 47.359733576935255,0.6211495608520181
From 120 € / night

Guesthouse La Baumoderie

La Baumoderie
37220, Panzoult 17 Rue d'Etilly, Panzoult 47.1553376,0.424528099999975
From 100 € / night

Guesthouse Bagatelle

37210, Vouvray 47.4115262,0.7825267000000622
From 90 € / night

Guesthouse Le Château de Nazelles

Le Château de Nazelles
37530, Nazelles 16 rue Tue la Soif, 37530 Nazelles 47.43177088448437,0.9500697507874065
From 115 € / night

Guesthouse Les Fleurons

Les Fleurons
37400, Amboise 20 Rue de la Concorde, 37400 Amboise 47.414162431514555,0.9862551711639753
From 140 € / night

With its landscapes made of castles, towns and small villages, Loire Valley is a must for tourism in France. The territory, which stretches from Orleans to Nantes region, allows many tourist activities but also offers fine dining in color. BestCharming B & B have selected several exceptional guest houses for helping you to enjoy an unforgettable stay.

Valley Local products Loire surprise you by the authenticity of their taste. Among the flagship products, do not hesitate to taste the Saint-Maure de Touraine, a raw milk cheese that can be eaten fresh or finer depending on taste.

You will also probably  have the opportunity to taste the pork crackling and rillettes from Tours, or even Géline Touraine, a black hen rustic famous for its fine flesh. You will eat  its roasted in salt crust, in a fricassee or half-mourning. Take advantage of your stay in the Loire Valley to taste the famous cakes.