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Gastronomy in the Upper Normandy region, France

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Gastronomy in the Upper Normandy region, France Photo

Upper Normandy gastronomy

Located somewhere in the North of France, Haute-Normandie has more than one trick in his bag to satisfy the greedy. The eyes will first be charmed by the framework, composed of cliffs and ports, but also by the beauty of some culinary specialties, which are sure to also delight the taste buds.

Besides apples and dairy, Haute-Normandie lets enjoy tasty and authentic dishes. The gastronomy of the region will introduce you to the cauchoise rabbit, duck blood, sheep feet at Rouen, sole in Dieppe, and sweetness, Gournay cake or cherry pie Duclair. As for drinks, you can taste the Norman hole course, or just with Calvados apple juice.


A tour host tables ...

To make the most of tourist and gastronomic riches of the region, BestCharmingBNB selected several guest houses sometimes offer breakfast tables and sometimes restaurants. You could for example make a stop at Clos Bel Ami to taste the flavors and specialties of Normandy, that might be offered by Sylvie and Patrick, your two hosts who welcome you to Bec de Mortagne.