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Guesthouse La Borie de l'aubrac

La Borie de l'aubrac
48260, Nasbinals La Grange des Enfants, 48260 Nasbinals 44.651601,3.0855300000000625
From 100 € / night

Guesthouse Aux Caprices d'Aubrac

Aux Caprices d'Aubrac
12210, Laguiole Le Séguis, 12210Laguiole 44.697218,2.8673410000000104
From 80 € / night

Guesthouse La Tarabelle

La Tarabelle
48100, Le Monastier-Pin-Moriès La Tarabelle, 48100 Le Monastier-Pin-Moriès 44.51825171019672,3.190187933868401
From 63 € / night

Guesthouse Le Mas de Rigoulac

Le Mas de Rigoulac
12210, La Terrisse Le Mas du Rigoulac, 12210 La Terrise 44.729253,2.7954240000000254
From 125 € / night

Geographically travel passes also inevitably by that of the senses, but not only by the eye: the pleasure related to taste will also be widely applied. Your stay in guest house selected by BestCharming B & B will make you discover the particular terroir of Aubrac.

The contrasting climate of Aubrac, rough and rather harsh in winter and sunny in summer, can offer genuine products that you will enjoy to discover and taste. Aubrac is of course key products such as cheese  Laguiole or Aligot but beef like Fleur d'Aubrac.

No doubt you will enjoy the beef farmer from the Aubrac, whose traditional farming method gives it a fine grain and a unique flavor. Guests can also indulge in fresh aligot of Aubrac, potato mixture and fresh cheese of Laguiole, Aubrac cheese. Enjoy with a fresh Aubrac sausage or a piece of beef.