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Bed and Breakfast in the Center region, France

A bit of tourism ...

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Guest Houses in :

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Guesthouse Le Plessis

Le Plessis
41000, Blois 195 Rue albert 1er, 41000 Blois 47.571808,1.303623000000016
From 120 € / night

Guesthouse Le Clos

Le Clos
41500, Mer 9 rue Jean et Guy Dutens, 41500 Mer 47.705779,1.5001770000000079
From 68 € / night

Guesthouse Les Vieux Guays

Les Vieux Guays
45620, Cerdon du Loire Route des Hauteraults, 45620 Cerdon du Loiret 47.634552,2.363653999999997
From 85 € / night

Guesthouse Le château de Champvallins

Le château de Champvallins
45640, Sandillon 1079 rue de Champvallin, 45640 Sandillon 47.84373919999999,2.001404399999956
From 140 € / night

Guesthouse La Verrerie d'Ivoy

La Verrerie d'Ivoy
18380, Ivoy-le-Pré La Verrerie, 18380 Ivoy-le-Pré 47.3625444,2.498698999999988
From 75 € / night

Guesthouse Château La Touanne

Château La Touanne
45130, Baccon 45130 Baccon 47.87146365403765,1.6525934922485703
From 120 € / night

Guesthouse Clos Saint Laurent

Clos Saint Laurent
28210, St Laurent la Gâtine 6 rue de l'Eglise, 28210 St Laurent la Gâtine 48.702109,1.5412019999999984
From 88 € / night

Guesthouse Le Moulin de Lonceux

Le Moulin de Lonceux
28700, Oinville sous Auneau Hameau de Lonceux, 28700 Oinville sous Auneaux 48.48157457637569,1.737925682617174
From 80 € / night

Guesthouse La Bergerie de l'Aqueduc

La Bergerie de l'Aqueduc
28130, Houx 9 rue de l'Aqueduc, 28130 Houx 48.56603859533173,1.6158690793456572
From 140 € / night

Guesthouse Domaine des Bidaudières

Domaine des Bidaudières
37210, Vouvray Rue du Peu Morier, 37210 Vouvray 47.41354910643048,0.8330652912597998
From 116 € / night

Guesthouse Domaine de Montgenoux

Domaine de Montgenoux
36370, Prissac Montgenoux, 36370 Prissac 46.528246,1.2743749999999636
From 88 € / night

Guesthouse La Maison Jules

La Maison Jules
37000, Tours 45 Rue Jules Simon, 37000 Tours 47.3918781,0.6950352000000066
From 125 € / night

Guesthouse Château du Grand Bouchet

Château du Grand Bouchet
37510, Ballan-Miré Château du Grand Bouchet, Chemin du Grand Bouchet, Ballan-Miré 47.359733576935255,0.6211495608520181
From 120 € / night

Guesthouse La Baumoderie

La Baumoderie
37220, Panzoult 17 Rue d'Etilly, Panzoult 47.1553376,0.424528099999975
From 100 € / night

Guesthouse Le Château du Boisrenault

Le Château du Boisrenault
36500, Buzançais le Boisrenault, route de Levroux, 36500 Buzançais 46.90099147525398,1.4581293812256035
From 88 € / night

Guesthouse Domaine du Ris de Feu

Domaine du Ris de Feu
36370, Chalais 36370 Le Ris de Feu, Chalais 46.536442,1.2298720000000003
From 95 € / night

Guesthouse Bagatelle

37210, Vouvray 47.4115262,0.7825267000000622
From 90 € / night

Guesthouse Maison Ailleurs

Maison Ailleurs
28000, Chartres 48.4500809,1.4871153000000277
From 95 € / night

Guesthouse Le Château de Nazelles

Le Château de Nazelles
37530, Nazelles 16 rue Tue la Soif, 37530 Nazelles 47.43177088448437,0.9500697507874065
From 115 € / night

Guesthouse Les Fleurons

Les Fleurons
37400, Amboise 20 Rue de la Concorde, 37400 Amboise 47.414162431514555,0.9862551711639753
From 140 € / night

The Guest rooms at Centre

Composed of six departments, Cher, Eure-et-Loire, Indre, Indre-et-Loire, the Loir-et-Cher and Loiret, Central Region Val-de-Loire obviously offers beautiful discoveries, including the side of the Loire Castles. The courses can be enjoyed both on foot and bicycle, and treasures abound. Rich three regional parks and the largest forest of France, that of Orleans, the Centre-Val-de-Loire is a haven of peace. To benefit, discover our selection of guesthouses.

And why not the Grange des Cardeux, located in Aubigny-sur-Nere in Cher? This old barn has been renovated with care and offers its visitors to discover its beautiful English garden, located behind the main door. Decorated with great care, this guest house is finally as beautiful inside as outside.

A little further, in Indre-et-Loire, Domaine des Bidaudières is an old winery that has a 15-hectare park and terraces among the vineyards of Vouvray. And more, all rooms have a view of the park and the pond.

Feel free to browse the section and discover all our other guest houses in the Centre.

A bit of tourism ...

Obviously, the Loire Valley await you in the region Centre-Val-de-Loire. Do not hesitate to make a stop at the Chateau of Chenonceau, the most visited in France after Versailles. Also go to the Royal Castle of Blois, which presents a panorama of art and history of the Loire Castles.

The Central Region offer also nice bike rides, especially on the side of the vineyard of Bourgueil. His country roads that run through the Touraine are conducive to good times, whether family or lovers.

And it's not the only surprise of the region, far from it! She hides one of the 15 best zoos in the world: ZooParc Beauval, with nearly 6,000 animals including giant pandas or white tigers.