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Guest Houses in :

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Guesthouse Domaine de Nazère

Domaine de Nazère
32380, Avezan Nazère, 32380 Avezan 43.88729491235636,0.7959543068848234
From 90 € / night

Guesthouse Le Florida

Le Florida
32410, Castéra-Verduzan 2 rue du Lac, 32410 Castéra-Verduzan 43.8044044,0.4327534999999898
From 125 € / night

Guesthouse Aux Caprices d'Aubrac

Aux Caprices d'Aubrac
12210, Laguiole Le Séguis, 12210Laguiole 44.697218,2.8673410000000104
From 80 € / night

Guesthouse Les Jardins de Mazamet

Les Jardins de Mazamet
81200, Mazamet 6 rue Henri Gardet, 81200 Mazamet 43.4909148,2.3740715000000137
From 95 € / night

Guesthouse Le Mas de Rigoulac

Le Mas de Rigoulac
12210, La Terrisse Le Mas du Rigoulac, 12210 La Terrise 44.729253,2.7954240000000254
From 125 € / night

Guesthouse La Devinie

La Devinie
46600, Martel Rue de l'Église, 46600 Martel 44.936048,1.6096259999999347
From 90 € / night

Guesthouse Domaine du Buc

Domaine du Buc
81150, Marssac sur Tarn Route de Lagrave, 81150 Marssac sur Tarn 43.9068898938546,2.0255086338684123
From 110 € / night

Guesthouse Château Touny les Roses

Château Touny les Roses
81150, Lagrave 32 chemin de Touny, 81150 Lagrave 43.89719886445454,1.9763537635070634
From 99 € / night

Guesthouse Domaine de Perches

Domaine de Perches
81600, Gaillac 2083 Route de Laborie, 81600 Gaillac 43.94139256868251,1.8645306991272719
From 155 € / night

Guesthouse Château de Mayragues

Château de Mayragues
81140, Castelnau de Montmiral Château de Mayragues, 81140 Castelnau de Montmiral 43.976685585984306,1.8504060343932451
From 115 € / night

Guesthouse La Terrasse de Lautrec

La Terrasse de Lautrec
81440, Lautrec 9 rue de l’Eglise, 81440 Lautrec 43.7059389,2.1390842000000703
From 80 € / night

Guesthouse Le Secret du Chat

Le Secret du Chat
81170, Cordes sur ciel 16 le planol, 81170 Cordes sur ciel 44.06297203487232,1.9496296315994641
From 110 € / night

Guesthouse Les Vents Bleus

Les Vents Bleus
81170, Donnazac Le Bourg-Route de Caussade, 81170 Donnazac 44.014532,1.9446510000000217
From 100 € / night

Guesthouse Le Castelet

Le Castelet
81100, Castres Lieu-dit Le Castelet, 81100 Castres 43.59595204363867,2.312415592590355
From 90 € / night

Guesthouse Domaine d'en Naudet

Domaine d'en Naudet
81220, Teyssode Domaine d'en Naudet, 81220 Teyssode 43.650499,1.9005939999999555
From 98 € / night

The guest houses in Midi-Pyrenees

In southern France, the Midi-Pyrenees region hides many treasures. Composed of eight departments that are Ariege, Aveyron, Haute-Garonne, Gers, Lot, Hautes-Pyrenees, Tarn and Tarn-et-Garonne, an area of ​​45,000 square meters fact the  largest region in metropolitan France. From the village of Conques in the Aveyron to  Rocamadour in the Lot, spaces and attractions abound. All this merit some rest in one of our guest houses!

In Gers, Le Florida is a restaurant whose first floor has been converted into a guest room. This stone building with red shutters do not lack charm, and its rooms bright and comfortable will not let think otherwise. Moreover, each has a private terrace. Nearby you will have the opportunity to visit, among others, villages and Châteaux de Gascogne.

Further, in Aveyron, the guest house Le Mas de Rigoulac is dedicated to calm and serenity. With breathtaking views of the Aubrac and Viadène, the place also offers the possibility of many hiking nearby. Her little more? Gilles, kinésithérapeuthe and osteopath, will receive you on appointment to contribute to your well-being.

Feel free to browse the section and discover all our other guest houses in Midi-Pyrenees.


A bit of tourism ...

In the Lot, Rocamandour is a medieval city attached to its cliff which attracts over 1.5 million visitors. Built in successive steps on the cliffside, it hangs over a canyon with a river. Certainly, his image will remain engraved in your memory.

Obviously, it seems unthinkable to leave the area without putting a foot and threw both eyes in the pink city. Toulouse has indeed an exceptional heritage and remarkable architecture.