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Bed and Breakfast in the Upper Normandy region, France

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Guest Houses in :

Bed and Breakfast in the Upper Normandy region, France Photo

Guesthouse Château du Bois de la Lune

Château du Bois de la Lune
27930, Angerville la Campagne 6 rue du bois de la lune, 27930 Angerville la Campagne 48.988248,1.158380999999963
From 130 € / night

Guesthouse La Bonne Auberge

La Bonne Auberge
27680, Vieux Port Bord de Seine, 27680 Vieux Port 49.425939,0.6068729999999505
From 120 € / night

Guesthouse Clos de Mondétour

Clos de Mondétour
27120, Fontaine sous Jouy 17 rue de la poste, 27120 Fontaine sous Jouy 49.06703,1.2918200000000297
From 80 € / night

Guesthouse La Ferme des Impressionnistes

La Ferme des Impressionnistes
27620, Gasny 18 Rue de l’industrie, 27620 Gasny 49.0897117,1.602430400000003
From 110 € / night

Guesthouse Le Clos Bel Ami

Le Clos Bel Ami
76110, Bec de Mortagne 75 Route De La Vallee, 76110 Bec de Mortagne 49.7005106,0.455313599999954
From 130 € / night

Guesthouse Le Château du Bec

Le Château du Bec
76133, Saint Martin du Bec 4 route du château, 76133 Saint Martin du Bec 49.5978382,0.20686769999997523
From 140 € / night

The guest houses in Upper Normandy

In northern France, the Haute-Normandie Region includes two departments: the Seine-Maritime and Eure. Between historic buildings, cliffs, harbors or advanced technologies, the strengths of the Upper Normandy are numerous and of varied interests. Little time for boredom, the whole family will find happiness.

The Guest houses carefully selected by BestCharmingBnb reflect in their own way the beauty of the Upper Normandy. At Vieux-Port, in the Eure, the Bonne Auberge is situated between sea and forest, in a hamlet of the eighteenth century, near the Seine. All rooms are furnished with antiques and each of them offer a view of the river. What relax in a magical setting before or after a day of exploring the area!

On the side of the Seine-Maritime, Clos Bel Ami  from Sylvie and Patrick is located in Bec de Mortagne. This 400m2 property is nestled in a park of 1.5 ha, and offers the possibility of many walks, either by foot, bike or even on horseback. What, again, satisfy all the desires and all the family.

But this is only an overview. In Upper Normandy, each of our guest houses will make you discover the best the soul of the region, while conviviality.

A bit of tourism ...

The magic of the cliffs of Etretat, their austere beauty and verticality, those of Tréport, the Port of Fécamp or that of  Dieppe, or the King Basin in Le Havre, as many places undeniable charm whose assets make seduction Haute-Normandie a destination of choice.

Art lovers will not hesitate, moreover, to go through Giverny, a common considered the cradle of Impressionism. But the region is also full of history, Rouen cathedral (Gothic art) through the Castle of Acquigny until Aître Brisgaret, cemetery of the Middle Ages comprises a large wooden gallery housing amazing sculptures : so many places to visit that are unlikely to leave indifferent.